What’s with all the shawols whining?


Yeah, Taemin is the first member in SHINee to get a solo, so what? Maybe he was the only one who asked for one? Jonghyun and Onew have never voiced ambitions to perform solo. And Jonghyun/Key have already had album promotions earlier this year with SM the Ballad and ToHeart.

Jonghyun has always dreamed of being a radio DJ, and his dream came true. Key has always wanted to star in musicals and get involved in the fashion industry. Now he’s featured in fashion magazines every month and is preparing for his 4th musical role. Minho wants nothing more to be a successful actor and play soccer, and he working at doing both. Yeah, I feel really bad that Onew is on vocal rest, but he would have been doing Singin in the Rain right now and participating on more varieties like Laws of the Jungle otherwise. I’d rather he rest and come back at full strength than compromise his singing ability. 

Aside from a couple of Goong performances, Taemin has been completely inactive all year! He’s probably been working his butt off preparing for this opportunity and convincing SM that he’s worth the effort. 

A real shawol should know by now that SHINee is veteran enough within SM to pursue their own solo activities. SM isn’t playing favorites by making Taemin go first. Taemin really wants this, so even is he isn’t your SHINee bias, he’s still a SHINee member and deserves all shawol support. 





did she fuckin stutter